Technical Information

Mae Num Group has selected only the highest quality of raw materials and products for the manufacturing of AATIS Aluminum Composite Panel.  Our suppliers, Novelis from Europe, and Dongbu from Korea, both meet international testing and quality standards. Mae Num Group offers architects, engineers, and builders these two great Aluminum Coil products to fulfil a wide range of project demands.

Mechnical Properties

Aluminium Alloy Properties

Paint System Specifications

     Excellent anti-corrosion. Its excellent anti-corrosion feature makes AI-Color ideal for environments susceptible to corrosion such as coastal regions or chemical industrial complexes. 

     Superior Workability. While maintaining a consistent level of durability. 
AI-Color products feature superior workability in the bending, cuting, and 
re-forming processes, allowing easy production of products in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Finish Systems

Approvals and Fire Classification

Test Methods ASTM AATIS/fr 4mm
Dry Film Thickness ASTM B244 25 micron (2coat), 
30 micron (3coat)
Pencil hardness ASTM D3363 Min F Adhesion
Reverse Impact 1/16" Crosshatch ASTM D3395 No adhesion loss
Reverse Impact ASTM D2794 No cracking or 
adhesion loss
Flexibility (T-BEND) ASTM D4145 OT No crack Acid
Resistance 10% NaOH, 24hrs. ASTM D1308 No effect
MEK ASTM D5402 50 Min for 2 Coat
Alkali Resistance 10% 
NaOH, 24hrs.
ASTM D1308 100 Min for 3 Coat, No effect
Salt Spray Resistance 5% 
Salt fog @ 95° F
ASTM B117 Pass 4,000 hrs.
Humidity Resistance 100% 
R.H/95° F
ASTM D2247 No#8 blisters.

Exterior Exposure 
Weatherability 10 yrs. 
@45° , S. Florida
ASTM D2244 Max. 5 fade
ASTM D4214 Max. 8 chalk
ASTM D523 Gloss Retention Min 50%
ASTM B244 Max. 10% loss

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