Technical Information

Mae Num Group has selected only the highest quality of raw materials and products for the manufacturing of AATIS Aluminum Composite Panel.  Our suppliers, Novelis from Europe, and Dongbu from Korea, both meet international testing and quality standards. Mae Num Group offers architects, engineers, and builders these two great Aluminum Coil products to fulfil a wide range of project demands.

Mechnical Properties

Test Results for AATIS Aluminum Composite Panel Test Results for AATIS Aluminum Composite Panel

The aluminum composite panel total thickness of 4.0 mm : 2 aluminum surface sheets at both side with each 0.5 mm thickness and 3.0 mm thicked PE core.

Aluminium Alloy Properties

Paint System Specifications

Finish Systems

Approvals and Fire Classification

Test ASTM AATIS/fr 4mm
Specific Gravity 1.9
Panel Weight 7.6 kg.
Tensile Strenght ASTM E8 5.0 kg/mm²
Yeild Strenght ASTM E8 4.5 kg/mm²
Elongation ASTM E8 11%
Flexural Elasticity ASTM C393 3924 kg/mm²
Thermal Expansion 95°C - 100°C ASTM D696 0.44 kg/mm²
Deflection Temperature ASTM D648 120° C
Sound Transmision loss ASTM E413 29 STC
Peel Strenght ASTM D1781 199 N mm/mm

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